L.A Hollywood Meets Jakarta in Action

While working on a business trip, i came across something astonishing to my findings, downtown in the states of Hollywood where i was, a festival a familiar theme caught my eye to the crowd of puppets, colourful dresses, bamboo flutes, and President Barack Obama presence on the american tv channels. What does that all have in my common knowledge? From the signs and the busy surroundings of Indonesians, the answer on signs was “Enjoy Jakarta Festival”.

On 2nd December 2012, presenting at the event with a colorful vibe and a smile, on a rainy sunny day was MTV, The Hub and Disney star actress Tania Gunadia. She hosted with a set of special guest such as Chef Vindy Lee, chef, TV personality, food critic all in one with her own show. Her shows can be found with a friendly search on google or even on Msn interviews or Youtube. Also attending was special guest star Denny Malik, an Indonesian choreographer, singer, and actor. Earlier this year, Denny marked his 32 years contribution in Indonesian performing arts.

The Enjoy Jakarta Festival was a free event celebrating Indonesian music, dance, food, and culture. Hosted by the Indonesian Consulate General of Los Angeles and the Jakarta City Government, the festival featured traditional Indonesian music and puppet shows (wayang), dance performances by DM Entertainment, batik painting demonstrations, and Indonesian food tasting.

Briefly talking to the organisers of the event it was an event to promote the countries value in the heart of L.A and expand to the locals of how being the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is a truly wonderful country with vast numbers of beautiful destinations. Spanning the equator for nearly 5000 km, this event expected visitors  to spend a few years to explore each and every corner of Indonesia.

“Jakarta may be around 9000 miles away from Los Angeles, but the best of Indonesia’s food, dance, art, and music comes to the Hollywood and Highland courtyard for a Sunday-afternoon staycation you can enjoy at home.” Tanja M. Laden, Flavorpill

Finishing off the event with the day with dances and explanations of culture, visionary Maya Hasan played such beauty to our ears on her harp to some would say is lost to the modern competition favorable musical instruments. Playing with joy and up beating crowds in america people got to wave hello to the Abang & None ambassadors of Jakarta.

Check out the Flikr album for more pictures, http://flic.kr/s/aHsjD7nthq




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